Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm walking!

The baby is walking. She started using her feet as her primary means of transportation (at least around the house) last week.

"I'm walking!" from Jacob Nishida on Vimeo.

And here she is this week. Go Emi, go!

Walking at 12 months...again from Jacob Nishida on Vimeo.

(Please excuse the messy house...we're excused right? I heard that having 2 mess-makers excuses you from having to have a tidy house. That's just what I heard...)

Thursday, January 21, 2010


We spent Christmas this year with Michelle's family in Wyoming.

Grandma and Papa Miller

Emi is loving her time with Dada.

Miya is such a good big sister. She loves giving Emi hugs and making her laugh.

Emi is a young lady on a mission. A mission to fling anything that is on a table, chair, or at "Emi height" on to the floor. With a face like can you get upset? (In case your does happen!)

This shot was a result of Michelle's creative mind. I think that it is a fun shot! Emi loved the glass balls on the Christmas tree and this was a fun way to capture her reaching for one.

Miya discovered that she loves peanuts and M&Ms...they were always sitting out on the table, so she was always eating them!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ice Fishing

We made sure we fit in some ice fishing while we were in Wyoming. The temperature stayed in the 20's, so it wasn't half bad (for the first couple hours, anyway).

Jacob and grandpa drilled the holes...

Then we dropped a few lines, and waited...

Some of us waited longer than others...

All in all, Jacob caught 5 fish, grandpa caught 2, and Michelle...she only caught 1, and it was a sucker that we had to throw back. Poor Michelle.

Happy 30th!

Jacob turned 30 this weekend, so I threw him a surprise party. We ate soup and bread (thanks, everyone, for bringing the food!) and hung out. We almost played rock band, too...right Dylan?

I tried my hand at making a cheeseburger and fries ice cream cake. I wish I'd taken the time to get some good pictures (since we now have an awesome camera again), but here are a couple of shots (thanks Dylan).

I made peanut butter icing for the bun (topped with sesame seeds), with fondant for the cheese and lettuce, and chocolate ice cream for the burger.

Yummy... Good thing there were lots of people there to help eat was huge.

Monday, January 11, 2010

One year old!

Our little Emi turned one last week, and we celebrated the snowy day with a snowman cake, balloons and presents.

Is that a cute cake, or what?! (Yes, sometimes I do make time to be crafty/creative...)

She knew just what to do with that cake, and she even tried to blow out the candle!

Blowing out the candles from Jacob Nishida on Vimeo.

The 1st piece of cake from Jacob Nishida on Vimeo.

Emi loved to hear the "Happy Birthday" song, and would sway to the tune (this is post-cake eating...thus, no shirt).

Swaying to the Happy Birthday tune from Jacob Nishida on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sugar cookies

Grandpa and grandma helped the grandkids make cookies while the adults went to a movie (I think it was mostly grandpa). The kids (and kitchen) were coated in flour, some cookies were decorated with fruit snacks, and the official report was "Making cookies with papa is fun!"