Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We went blueberry picking 2 weeks ago, and got some great pictures of Miya going from bush to bush, eating more blueberries than any 1 year-old should. But unfortunately, our camera's memory card is on the fritz, and we've lost the pictures. We have (correction:had) about 20 pounds of blueberries in our fridge and freezer, and have been eating them in lots of creative ways. We love blueberries. Jacob baked some blueberry buckle yesterday (now one of our new favorite desserts) and this morning I created a smoothie recipe worth posting. I adapted it from a Rachael Ray strawberry smoothie recipe:

1 c. boiling water
4 Tbl. Splenda
Lime zest
5 ounces cream cheeses (I had reduced fat in the fridge, so I used that)
1 tsp. vanilla
2.5 cups frozen blueberries

Mix the boiling water, splenda, and lime peel in a blender for 15 seconds. Add the cream cheese and vanilla, then blend until smooth. Then add the frozen blueberries and blend on high speed. Delicious, low sugar, and low calorie goodness!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


For those of you who have had the pleasure of being around Miya when music is playing, you know she is quite the groover. So it wasn't surprising to see her get interested in daddy's iPod...she'll even try to put the ear buds back in when they fall out.

...she especially loves pushing the buttons while she bops along to the music. We've tried to get this on video, but seeing the video camera always gets her distracted, so we haven't caught her in action...yet!

Baby version 2.0

For those of you who don't know yet...we're expecting baby 2.0 in February!

I am about 10 weeks along, and am feeling great. Here's our little one's first picture!

Petting Zoo

We took Miya to the petting zoo in Lafayette a while back.

She really liked the goats, but that miniature horse was just a little too friendly for Miya's taste.

We also visited the New Zoo near Jacob's parents' house in Wisconsin, and Miya got to see even more animals. Good times!

Her aunt Linda sewed her a beautiful summer outfit complete with a matching hat - adorable!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

LongHouse Farm

We decided to join a farmer's co-op out here in Lafayette, and have been enjoying some organic, fresh veggies and herbs each week from our share of the crop. They asked me to pose with our share one day at the farmer's market...aren't those greens just beautiful!?

So far we have been very glad that we bought into it, and look forward to lots of fruits and veggies through the month of October. Here's a picture of some of the crops that they have posted on their website. I need to take a picture of our little garden as well. Our tomato plants are something to behold, and we already have a couple of bell peppers getting pretty big. Something is eating my cabbage and brussel sprout leaves, however, and I think it might be slugs.
:( Hopefully they leave my plants alone, or I may have to resort to chemicals.