Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cherry Picking

We spent the early morning hours picking cherries at Annie's Orchard, and brought home 10 pounds!

We were the first ones there, so we had the orchard to ourselves for the first half hour or so, which was nice.

It turns out that Miya loves cherries, so we couldn't just let her wander around while we picked for fear she'd eat the rotten or bird-pecked cherries on the ground.

Good times!


Miya is still working on walking...she's not adventurous enough to do more than stand and balance on her own or take a couple of coerced steps, but she sure loves pushing around her little lion that grandma Nishida bought for her!

And she sure loves being outside. Anytime she sees that we are opening a door, she crawls to it with a speed unmatched by any other baby I've ever seen. She's even content to hang out by the doormat if it's too hot to go outside in the sun. :)There's lots of fun to be had with dry grass and dirt, it seems.

Emily's Wedding

We got to take a trip to Utah for a dear friend's wedding last weekend, and we had a grand time! Emily was beautiful, and it was wonderful to see her so happy and complete. Congratulations Andy and Emily! It was also fun for us to get to visit with my mom (grandma Miller) and for Miya to see her great-grandma Miller again as well!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Puking update

Just in case some of you are wondering, here is an update on the cry-until-I-puke-before-I-go-to-sleep-at-night phase Miya has been going through. I think the first time was actually because she didn't feel well (which was in Hawaii, when we were on vation). The second time it happened, I couldn't tell if she was actually sick, or if the crying made her throw up. It turns out that when she cries really hard, she starts coughing. The coughing leads to gagging, and the gagging...well, that's where the trouble begins. Miya has never been a fussy baby, and usually goes down really well, so this has been quite a shock for us.

Sunday was not so good...I will spare you all the details, but it was messy. Monday was puke-free, and even crying-free. Calm before the storm! Tuesday was another puking only took her 10 minutes of crying before we had chunks of lasagna, carrots, and milk everywhere. We couldn't believe how un-digested all that food looked, even after hours of being in her stomach! That bedding is getting tired of being washed, by the way. And we're getting tired of washing it.

Wednesday we decided not to feed her for several hours before bedtime, and she only cried for about 20 minutes before going down. No puking. Thursday was about 5 minutes of crying, and Friday there was no crying at all. And no puking! Tonight was a bit longer...10 minutes of crying, followed buy a visit from mom to deter any puking attempts...then another 20 minutes of fussing before falling asleep. So there you have it! 4 nights in a row with a decent bedtime routine emerging once again. Our baby with the perfect sleeping habits is trying to fight her way back...hopefully her puking days are over. Hopefully...

Baby Bird

It turns out that Miya loves to eat Ramen noodles. Maybe all babies do, but it sure is fun to watch her try and pick up the noodles and get them into her mouth. After a while (and to Miya's delight), Jacob decided to speed up the process by feeding our little baby bird.

She didn't mind having the noodles fed to fact, Miya thought it was funny, and we all got a pretty good laugh out of it. She actually got quite a bit bitter at slurping in the noodles after a while. We also tried macaroni and cheese for the first time this week, and like a true American baby, Miya loves the stuff!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

No more "flowers"

Miya wanted me to post that she is sad that all the "flowers" are gone from our yard. They used to be the source of lots of fun: she could crawl mere inches to grab the top off of a new dandelion: hours of fun! Now they're mostly gone, and although Miya still gets to appreciate the one or two remaining dandelions (she crawls directly to them, making her cute "fuh" sound as she goes),the fun is short-lived.

These pictures are from last month, before we mowed the "flowers" down. The grass was so high it kept poking her in the eye as she tried to make her way to the back deck. She doesn't seem to remember the down-side.

Poison Ivy

It's been a while since we've posted anything, though it's not because of lack of time. In fact, we happen to have more free time than we've had in a VERY long time. And we happen to like it. Perhaps this 'hang out, walk to the park, take long naps (when Miya agrees to this), and watch movies' lifestyle is the reason we have found little to blog about. But we did happen to have a close encounter with poison ivy. It just happens to love our yard, and is growing everywhere we wish it woldn't. We discovered this after Miya spent 10 minutes pulling the leaves off of one of these plants (while mom sat idly by...hey, how was I to know?! I even remember counting the leaves on that plant and thought..."hmmm, what plants have three leaves?")

By some miracle, our neighbor showed up soon after this, asking to borrow something. He happened to mention that he'd killed some poison ivy along our fence, and offered to come check out in our yard to ID the plant. Good thing he did! I about had a heart attack after he pointed out the leaves Miya had ripped off of a group of plants under the deck. After that, it was off to the drugstore (after looking it up online and getting really freaked out from the pictures of oozing blisters and horrible rashes) for some neutralizing solution.

Amazingly, Miya did not have any symptoms. She either falls into the 40+% of people who do not react to the plant's oils, or our 6,324 prayers were answered with a miracle. Either way, we are SO grateful she did no have to suffer the consequences of her botany-challenged mother's ignorance.