Thursday, March 5, 2009

Blankets and craftiness

We have received some beautiful baby blankets as gifts for Emi, so I thought I'd try and show them off.

This is a blanket and nursing cover, and I have to say that every time we go out (I have used the blanket multiple times to cover Emi's carseat) someone comments on how much they love it. And so do I - thanks Codi!

I made this blanket for Miya just after Emi was born and my mom was out visiting...okay, who am I kidding? My mom really gets most of the credit. I was more like her assistant. :)

The purple blanket and burp cloth with the crocheted edges are adorable (this picture doesn't do them justice because I took a picture when they were wrinkled!). Bekah taught me how to do the edges myself with some more burp cloths, but really, I can't find a spare moment to do it!

The multicoloered flowers/polkadot fabric is a blanket in the making...hopefully I get it finished before Emi's old enough to finish it herself.

These are from my grandma and my visiting teaching companion.

And this is a little dress I crocheted before I left on my mission, many, many years ago...but Miya never wore it because I couldn't find a slip for it before she grew out of it!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Photo shoot

I tried to get some pictures of Emi on Sunday afternoon, and after a while, she wasn't really having it.

I got more pictures of her crying than I got of anything, but she's still precious in every one of these!