Sunday, May 24, 2009

Discovery Green

On Friday after Jacob was finished with work, we went downtown to a place called Discovery Green. They have an area where kids can run through a bunch of water jets, and Miya had a ball!

There was also a playground near the water. Since Miya was already wet from playing in the water she rocketed down the big slide and flew right off the end and onto the ground (think "crocodile mile" or "slip and slide" downhill with WD-40). She must have liked it because she got right up and slid down several more times. We went to a great little Mexican restaurant after that, and called it good. So far we're loving Houston...especially the fact that we live so close to downtown. :)

Pools and beaches

Miya couldn't seem to get enough of the "water pools" (as she so affectionately called them) at the hotels.

But we couldn't convince her to put her head under the water...

We also stayed several nights at one place in Gulf Shores, AL near the beach and a state park. We had a good time just taking a break from sitting in the car and got to do some fun things while we were there.

The LONG drive to Houston

We broke up the nearly 20 hour trip from Lafayette to Houston over 6 days, which was a genius idea. It would have been nice if Emi had looked like this every time we got into the car...

...but in truth, we merely managed to instill in her an extreme dislike of her carseat and dim enclosed spaces.

Miya was a gem on the trip. A special thank you goes out to Elmo, his goldfish, and his other little friends.

We stopped every 2-3 hours, and were able to visit some beautiful state parks in Tennessee and Alabama.

Good thing Miya is entertained by things as simple as throwing leaves into moving water...

...and that Emi isn't picky about where she eats.

Sometimes Miya would ask to hold Emi's hand while we walked. :) She has no idea ho cute she really is!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fun with cupcakes, presents and bubbles!

The kids decorated extra cupcakes with sprinkles...eating way more sprinkles than any parent would wish for them to ingest. Yummy! :)

Happy Mother's Day

We're on our way to Houston (taking our time and fitting in a family vacation), so much of Mother's Day was spent on the road or in a hotel room. But grandma Nishida sent me a Pajamagram, with matching jammies for the girls. We were in the process of finding the camera for a picture, when Miya gagged on a cracker, then threw up all over her bed. So...that is why only Emi and I match. Sorry Kathy...we were hoping for a picture with all 3 of us! :)

Happy Birthday Miya!

Miya turned 2 at the end of April. We celebrated by going to the zoo, then having friends over for dinner, eating cupcakes and ice cream, and having some fun with bubbles!

The party theme was butterflies and bubbles, but I made an Elmo cupcake-cake for the occasion as well since Miya has decided to be infatuated with him (after watching her Elmo Potty DVD ONE time. Yes, ONE time.). It's interesting to see how quickly kids can become attached to things!

I had to include these pictures of Emi at the zoo and with one of Miya's balloons. Those balloons (when tied to her wrists) have proven to be one of the best toys!

Way behind

I know, I know, we are way behind in posting. We've got some good pictures to share, but lately, time is not my friend. It keeps slipping away before I can manage to use it the way I'd like. But everyone is happy...Jacob survived finals, Miya turned 2 and is as sweet as can be (well, most of the time...she does have her moments), and Emi is nearly 13 pounds now and is starting to laugh.

I'm setting a goal to get caught up this week, so you can look forward to updates on Miya's birthday, our family vacation on the way to Houston, and even family pictures! I know, you're shaking with anticipation, right? Well, stay tuned!