Monday, November 17, 2008

Dinner Swap

I joined a dinner swap group a while back, which means that we get together and exchange several meals each week that we can just heat up at our leisure. It saves me from having to come up with and cook different meals each night, but it requires me to set aside a couple (sometimes more) of hours on Saturday or Sunday to make triple (at least) of a meal of my choosing. Last week I made beef and chicken fajitas. It was by far my most colorful meal, so I took a picture.

Beautiful, eh? This week I made Potato, Leek, and Cheddar Soup with bacon, with parmesan-garlic rolls as a side...from my new Wolfgang Puck recipe book, of course. Thanks Kathy! I've made this soup three times now, and it's one of Jacob's favorites. In exchange, I scored shredded pork with South Carolina BBQ sauce, peach and ginger chicken with a side of rice, and a build-it-yourself pizza kit. We already ate the pizza - fun idea for a swap.

Pumpkin Patch

We saw snow flurries yesterday, and I have to admit once again that I am not excited for Father Frost to come this year. I just love the fall, and I am already feeling like it's too cold to get out much.

These are pictures from another pumpkin patch Miya and I were able to visit last month. It's owned by Purdue, and all the pumpkins we picked were free. Can't get a better deal than that!

Miya picked lots of gourds...she must have liked the fact that they were more her size.

The hay ride, once again, was Miya's favorite part!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Fall leaves

Miya and I spent a lot of time outside this week. The leaves were beautiful, and the temperature has been in the 70s all week! I borowed a backpack carrier from our neighbors, and Miya has been happy to ride around in it on my back while we both enjoyed the beautiful scenery on some Indiana trails. Jacob was even able to take a break from school and come with us one afternoon (Yes Bekah...I stole these from your blog...I hope that's okay). Bekah came with us one afternoon, and I'm so glad she had the foresight to think to bring a camera!

This is a picture Renee sent us from daycare. The kids went out and "helped" Renee rake some leaves on Wednesday...I wish her eyes were open, but hey, that's the same face I pull sometimes when the weather is this gorgeous and I'm able to be outside enjoying it. I wish fall could last forever...or at least to the end of this pregnancy.