Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Budding artist

Back in November, Miya started drawing people with arms and legs. You know, the kind with all the appendages coming out of their heads. Well, one day after preschool, two of her teachers excitedly reported this skill to us, saying that it was unusual for kids her age (2 and a half) to draw people, never mind the detail. The child care worker at the gym was surprised to hear that Miya wan only 2, and told me the same thing this morning, so I had to look up the developmental timetable for myself.

Sure enough - she's a prodigy! :) I have been meaning to scan some of her drawings, and finally did it so that we could properly showcase the talents of our budding artist.

This is a drawing of the family: daddy, mommy, Miya, and Emi (she asked Jacob to do his own eyes, ears, and hair).

A picture of mommy...I'm not sure why I get a cone head.

Her friend Hayden. Most pictures she draws are of Hayden. When I pointed to the nose and asked what they were, she said "Two nose holes, mommy." Oh, right. She also made sure to show me the feet...see them?

A self protrait.

The drawing she did at the gym this morning with Nicole.