Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm 1, 2, 3!

Our little Mimi turned 3 at the end of April, and of course, I made another fun cake. There's just something about channeling energy into themed baking....if you haven't tried it, you should. Very therapeutic. :)

And no (for those of you who are wondering), cakes are not the only things I take pictures of or use to occupy my free time...I just haven't gotten around to blogging about the rest of our lives. More to come...promise.

In the meantime, check out this cute cake!

The cows were my favorite...

But Miya really loved the pigs. She took some pigs and piglets to preschool that day to celebrate her birthday.

What a cute bunch of kids, wouldn't you say?

Even Emi enjoyed the baby cupcakes...especially picking the marshmallows off of the sheep.

Thank you to everyone who could come and celbrate with us!