Friday, October 15, 2010

What we've been up to (Part 3)

One more catch-up are some pictures from our last month here is Houston. We took a weekend trip to San Antonio and visited the Alamo and Sea World. We're headed back again next week with Jacob's family, and are looking forward to some gorgeous weather!

We've also done some kite flying (that Jacob and the girls got me for my birthday).

Yes, I turned 30 again! We love riding the carousel at the zoo, so we made a carousel cake to celebrate.

Are these girls getting cuter and cuter, or what?! This is usually what I get when I ask them to smile for the camera...

...but I can still catch them being cute as cute can be!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Where we've been (Part 2)

And now for part 2...what in the world have they been doing to survive that hot Houston weather? Well, here's what we've been up to since we've been here in big (hot and humid) Texas:

Visiting the beach in Galveston, TX.

Visiting splash parks like this one downtown at Discovery Green.

Coloring, painting (I love how artsy Miya is), or just hanging out at home (yes, that's a balloon...and it never popped no matter how much she bounced on it).

Swimming at the apartment pool.

The temperature has finally cooled off some, and though it's still close to 90, it feels heavenly in October!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Update: Where we've been (Part 1)

Okay, okay...back to the blog. Yes, it's been a super long time, and no, I have no good excuse for the absence of posts. Unless you count Miya and Emi as a good excuse. And a move to Texas. And finding my way around Houston, and...okay, I can't think of any more. So there you go. But we're back in business, and here is the much anticipated "little" update on where we've been (in 3 or 4 parts...stay tuned)!

Jacob graduated from Purdue in May, with his Masters in HR Management. Yay!

Then we sold our house and took a little six week vacation to visit family. We made it to Martin's Cove in Wyoming,

and Estes Park, CO.

We also visited some family and friends in Utah and Wisconsin. We took in the sights in Door County, WI. Beautiful. Lots of traveling by the time we made it to Houston, but it was worth it.

Exciting, right?! I'm sure you are all relieved to hear that we are still alive, and you can rest assured that more posts are coming your way about our adventures in Texas..just not steps.