Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cliff notes version of our family update

Several people have found my blog recently, and it keeps coming to my attention that it is woefully neglected. I keep asking myself, Is this worth it? Should I keep this blog alive even though I don't give it a thought for months? Well, I'm too sentimental to pull it just yet, so I thought I'd attempt to post something while all the young ones are napping (though truthfully, I should be catching some extra shut-eye muself). Why do I need my daily nap? Well, because of baby #3, of course! Kai was born on May 1st at 4:32am. He was 6lbs 12oz and 18.5in long.
More pictures to come (probably)... Previous to this, Jacob got transferred from Houston to Port Arthur, TX, so we moved to Beaumont, TX in March. It's been an adjustment as we've had to start a new social network and find things to keep us busy and productive, but we're enjoying it so far. Miya turned 5 in April, and wamted a flower themed party this year.
These pictures were taken at the South Texas State Fair in March.
And these right before Easter:
In these we were at a butterfly release fundraising event in Beaumont:
Emi turnded 3 in January.
Christmas came and went...
And before Christmas, we took yet another fun trip to Disney World with Jacob's parents.

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Mr and Mrs Smith and Co said...

Those are some awesomely big gingerbread men... Where did you get them? I want to slide like that. And, Kai is a super handsome fellow! Welcome back :)